Sector Els Joncs

Implementation of tertiary sector, facilities and ecological connection areas.


The area located southwest of Gavà town is limited by RENFE railway,  B- 210 and C-234 roads and Isaac Peral Street.

The geographical location of the area is strategic for the occupancy process of the pluri-municipal area for economic activities located between C-32 motorway and C-235 road, which means an enhancement of the Llobregat delta area.

Current planning

Total area: 128 ha / 100 %
  • PGM (General Metropolitan Plan, 1976)
  • MpPGM sector Els Joncs (Urban improvement plan)


Development of tertiary sector, facilities, and environmental and landscape connection areas.


The goals of the proposal are to increase the potential to accommodate new jobs in the municipality in a proportionate and balanced way with its residential expansion and to generate a new sector of economic activity that is able to accommodate new business initiatives that identify with environmental and landscape values as an element of added value.

The proposal tries to meet the requirements and criteria set forth by the three territorial systems in a comprehensive way:
  1. With the new urban planning parameters, the quality of spaces is guaranteed.
  2. The friendly combination of environmental area of interest and the productive economic activity.
  3. The reserve of general systems to favour the possible partial development of the sector in harmony with the area as a whole.
  4. The ability to meet the combination of new urban fabric.

Sistemes 1.054.059 m2/ 70,00 %
Zones    225.091 m2/ 30,00 %

Max. Constructibility 450.182 m2st
Coef. constr. rough 0,60 m2st / m2sol
Coef. constr. net 2,00 m2st / m2sol