The competencies on ecology to three areas: water cycle, waste products and environmental services (climate change, energy transition and environmental education).

Water cycle
  • Home supply of drinking water or domestic water supply downstream.
  • Purification of water collected for its use.
  • Wastewater purification.
  • Regeneration of purified wastewater for other uses such as irrigation or aquifers recharging.
  • Coordination of water treatment municipal systems, including the planning and integrated management of rainwater and wastewater evacuation, and of the sewage.
  • Regulation of the corresponding fees.
  • Treatment of municipal waste products and products resulting from works, as well as its recovery (reuse and recycling of paper, metal, plastic and other materials, energy and compost production, etc.) and disposal (controlled discharge of non-recyclable waste products).
  • Coordination of municipal collection systems.
  • Picking and selection of containers.
  • Waste recycling facility, in collaboration with municipalities.
Other competencies
  • Coordination and formulation of a Metropolitan Action Plan for environment, health and biodiversity protection, and measures to fight against climate change, and formulation of a metropolitan 21 Agenda.•
  • Participation in the production of acoustic capacity and strategic noise maps.
  • Issue of environmental reports.
  • Collaboration with municipalities in environmental planning policies.
  • Development and management of renewable energy facilities. 
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