Economic activity

GDP distribution

The AMB is the core of economic activity in the region of Barcelona, as well as of Catalonia.
The AMB concentrates 50.9 % of production (GDP) and workers of Catalonia.


Distribució del PIB

Source: IERMB, based on Idescat and INE

Workers affiliated to Social Security


Treballadors afiliats a la seguretat social i autònoms

Source: IERMB, based on State Secretary for the Social Security

Registered unemployment

In 2014 the AMB registered 229,925 unemployed,
representing 40 % of the registered unemployed in Catalonia.


Aturats registrats

Source: IERMB, based on State Employment Service

Patents and utility models, % in Catalonia, 2005-2011

The AMB also concentrates much of the innovation taking place in Catalonia.
Specifically, 47% of patents of Catalonia are registered at the AMB.

(In % of the total amount in Catalonia, accumulated 2005-2012)

Patents i models d'utilitat

Source: IERMB, based on OEPM (Spanish Patent and Trademark Office)

Annual average net income per household and per capita

In 2011, the AMB population had an annual average net income per household and per capita of 28,900 euros and 11,190 euros respectively, values higher than those registered in the rest of the province and in Catalonia.


Renda anual neta mitjana per llar i per persona

Source: Idescat and IERMB, Survey on living conditions and habits of the population in Catalonia, 2011