Lines of action

In terms of economic development, the AMB has the general competency of fostering economic activity, and promoting job creation and entrepreneurship in the areas of industry, trade, services and tourism resources.

Consequently, the AMB assumes, as a priority areaa within its territorial jurisdiction and influence, the promotion of economic activity, and encourages and coordinates initiatives for economic recovery and job creation concerning to the international projection, investment and talent attraction, and those actions supporting entrepreneurs and the generation and improvement of productive land and infrastructures for competitiveness.

Within such framework, the aim of the management area of the Economic Development Department is promoting job creation and entrepreneurship, and doing so according to the following sectoral objectives:
  • Strengthening Barcelona brand as a representative seal for the international promotion of the entire metropolitan area, encouraging shared platforms of public -  private partnership.
  • Cooperating and technically assisting city councils in different territorial areas, and activity sectors, as well as creating the Metropolitan Agency of Economic Enhancement, so as to improve and coordinate initiatives and actions of economic recovery and job creation, especially linked to job intensive sectors in which Barcelona has a good position internationally, and to sectors with international, investment capture and talent recruitment, and generation of areas and spaces for the development of economic activities and infrastructures created to improve the economic competitiveness of the region.
Functional objectives and measures
Four objectives and twelve actions