Both the Citizen Service Office (OAC) and the Registry will serve, provisionally, in another building close to the AMB headquarters.

How to reach the AMB headquarters

Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona

C/62, num. 16-18, Zona Franca, 08040 Barcelona,
Phone: +34 932 235 151 - Fax: +34 932 234 790
Coordinates: Latitude 41.34657522745016 / Longitude 2.1432512998580933


How to get there?
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Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona
Com arribar vehicle amb privat
Amb vehicle privat

By private vehicle

If you want to access the AMB headquarters by private vehicle through Ronda Litoral, stretch that coincides with N-II road, follow the exits:


Sortida A

km 15 - Zona Franca, Fira M1, Plaça Cerdà


Sortida B

km 16 - Zona Franca, PORT, Fira M1, Passeig Zona Franca