Governing Board

The Governing Board is the body that assists the president in the everyday work of the metropolitan administration.


Tasks are delegated by the Metropolitan Council and the president, with the aim of facilitating the decision making and the work of the metropolitan administration.

The Governing Board comprises the AMB president and the metropolitan councillors appointed by the president at the proposal of the Metropolitan Council, and it meets at least twice a month.

Members of the Governing Board

The Governing Board is currently composed of thirteen metropolitan councillors, including the presidency:

Position Name Political group
President Jaume Collboni i Cuadrado PSC-CP
Executive Vice-president Antonio Balmón Arévalo PSC-CP
Vice-president for Urban Planning Policies and Natural Areas Damià Calvet Valera  JxCAT
Vice-president for Mobility, Transport and Sustainability Carlos Cordón Núñez PSC-CP
Vice-president for Water Cycle and Analysis of Metropolitan Policies Belén García Criado PSC-CP
Vice-president for Social and Economic Development Jordi Valls Riera PSC-CP
Vice-president for International Relations and Digital Metropolis Elisenda Alamany Gutiérrez ERC
Vice-president for Climate Action and Metropolitan Strategic Agenda Janet Sanz Cid  En Comú Podem-Confluència
Vice-president Lluís Mijoler Martínez  En Comú Podem-Confluència
Vice-president Marc Giribet Gavara ERC
Vice-president Anna Pascual Roca Junts x La Palma
Counselor Luís Manuel Tirado García PSC-CP
Counselor Esteve Serrano Ortín PSC-CP
Counselor Francesc Belver i Vallès PSC-CP
Counselor Lourdes Borrell Moreno PSC-CP
Counselor Ramon Tremosa Balcells JxCAT
Counselor Guillermo López Ginés En Comú Podem-Confluències
Counselor Jaume Graells i Veguin ERC