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Open data with Snapi!

Information about the tool
Snapi! is a tool to teach programming to children, using very simple programming language based on metropolitan open data. But it's not only for children, others can use it too.

Snapi! allows for citizens with no previous knowledge on programming to co-create and co-design services or applications based on open data provided by the public administration. Based on this, citizens can create new opportunities or services of public interest with an added value for the community.

This is possible thanks to very simple programming language that allows writing a programme by just dragging and dropping boxes with the shape of a jigsaw puzzle on a desktop.

Start programming with SNAPI

With Snapi!, participating in the information society and learning to innovate using open data is easy and accessible.
  • Use cases
    Map of population density in the metropolitan municipalities:
    Population in Barcelona

    Cartographic visualization of equipments and facilities in the metropolitan area of Barcelona relating to the water cycle:
    Water in the AMB
  • Tutorial
    This tool works with a step-by-step tutorial that teaches you to build a map with the populations of the metropolitan area.

    Simple programming will help you to understand the basics of programming using open data.

    Snapi! tutorial
Snapi! is an extension developed at Citilab on the environment of graphic programming using Snap! blocs, developed by the  Universitat de Berkeley (California, USA) inspired by Scratch (MIT).

The Snapi Tumblr account provides information on all the open data dissemination and programming activities at the AMB.

Tumblr d'Snapi!