Sector de la Marina

Innovation, economic activities, residential and facilities area.


The affected area is defined by the land delimited by Tecnologia St., Progrés Av., Segle XXI Av. and the plot that leads to Vila Rd., south of the Viladecans town centre.

The geographical location of the area is strategic for the occupancy process of the pluri-municipal area for economic activities located between C-32 motorway and C-235 road, which means an enhancement of the Llobregat delta area.

Current planning

Total area: 57.72 ha / 100 %

Business Park area: 40.74 ha / 70.60 %

Vilamarina area: 16.98 ha / 29.40 %
  • MPP Business Park (2002)
  • PE (Strategic Plan) uses and volumes specification of Bitàgora facilities and offices (2004)
  • PMU uses and volumes specification of A, B and C blocks Business Park (2004)
  • PMU uses and volumes specification of F block Business Park (2006)


Development of tertiary economic activity, innovation and residential activities and facilities, which is the new economic façade of the city.


Development of a business park that must become one of the three central areas of the municipality based on general economic and knowledge activities.

This new approach incorporates new ways to develop the central area with a variety of activities, and extends the urban area around the railway station.

The Business Park works for the introduction of innovative companies that promote knowledge exchange, and it shows its commitment to local development from a holistic perspective.

Public land 338,647 m2/ 58.70 %
Private land 238,533 m2/ 41.30 %

Industrial 103,745 m2st / 31.60 %
Tertiary 134,369 m2st / 40.90 %
Commercial   17,856 m2st/ 5.45 %