Centre direccional del Prat

Urban transformation into economic activity and residential area


The area is situated north of the town of El Prat de Llobregat, limited by  C-32, C-31 and B-22 roads, and the Llobregat River.

It is a sector of great potential where important infrastructures converge in an area, both residential and of economic activity.


Total area: 163.9 ha / 100 %

Preliminary development studies have been elaborated.


Urban transformation of Eixample Nord sector largely qualified as a Directional Centre by the PGM (General Metropolitan Plan).


The project aims to turn the space into an integral part of the dynamics of the metropolitan area of Barcelona and it is based on the location of a large central park (42 ha) that will connect to the Fluvial Park, and on the covering of the Gran Via Avenue, which will consequently ensure the continuity of the city.

As for the built environment, there are two different areas to be considered: a neighbourhood of expansion, mainly residential –with an estimate of about 1,800 homes– and a metropolitan area designed to host economic activity.

The aim is to achieve sustainable urban planning, attaining a diversity of uses and activities consistent with residence and, at the same time, ensuring sustainable mobility where public transportation is a priority over the private one, in which there is a rational and proportionate use of public space and where routes for pedestrians and cyclists are promoted.

Systems 1,219,290 m2/ 74.40 %
Zones    419,752 m2/ 25.60 %

Tertiary use 643,650 m2st