Ca n'Alemany

Innovation and economic activity sector.


The affected area is defined by the site delimited by C-32 motorway, RENFE  railway and L'Enginy St., south of the Viladecans town centre.

The geographical location of the area is strategic for the occupancy process of the pluri-municipal area for economic activities located between C-32 motorway and C-235 road, which means an enhancement of the Llobregat delta area.


Total area:
54.16 ha / 100 %

Area by sectors:
PA-01: 55,200 m2 / 10.20 %
PA-02: 62,574 m2 / 11.55 %
PPU-01: 423,884 m2 / 78.25 %
  • MpPGM in the areas of PA-01 and PPU-01 PPU of Ca n'Alemany (2012)
  • MpPP of the PPU-01 industrial sectors of Ca n'Alemany (pending)


Development of the building land suitable for  industrial use, provided in the PGM (1976).


The town has an important shortage of employment and the municipal self-containment index for jobs is considerably below the regional average.

The development of this area should contribute to the improvement of this situation, facilitating the establishment  of companies or activities either with high added value, urban integration and sustainability, or with a greater capability of creating employment.

Project defined by several actions:
  1. Development  of the sector.
  2. Improvement of the access to the town centre from C-32 motorway
  3. Construction of a flood lamination pond for the fluvial system of Riera de Sant Llorenç.
  4. Urbanisation of the seaward side of the railway station.
  5. Connection of the municipal non-potable water to the EDAR (Waste water treatment plant)
Gross building area:
PA-01: 10,580 m2st/ 4.55 %
PA-02: 28,060 m2st/ 12.10 %
PPU-01: 193,620 m2st/ 78.25 %
Total: 232,260 m2st/ 100.0 %