Drets i deures

Citizens who use the services included in the AMB Service Catalogue have the following rights and duties:

Users of the AMB services are entitled to:
  • Identify the administrative department responsible for the provision of a service. 
  • Know the terms of use and the regulations of the service, rights and duties.
  • Be treated professionally and correctly by the service working staff and be served in a diligent, personalised and non-discriminatory manner.
  • Request and receive truthful and accurate information on the service's characteristics through the established channels.
  • Make suggestions to improve the services and present user-experience complaints related to a service received.
  • Present claims, if in disagreement, due to a breach in the terms of the service's provision and receive solutions, where applicable, in the event of an incident caused by unforeseen circumstances which cause a serious disruption to the service's functioning.
  • Be consulted periodically on their degree of satisfaction of the services.
Users of the AMB services have the following duties:
  • Use the services complying with the regulations which govern the service's provision in what concerns the citizen as a user or beneficiary of the service.
  • Comply with the instructions from the professionals of the public services in matters of security and for a correct functioning of the services.
  • Be polite and respectful towards the service's working staff and other users of the services received collectively.
  • Make correct use of the public space, facilities, equipment and urban furniture which are part of the public service.