Support to Ukraine

| Subject: International Relations

Support to different initiatives promoted by Polish metropolises and other European networks


In the light of the current situation regarding the war in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis that we are living, from the AMB and the EMA network we have been supporting different initiatives promoted by Polish metropolises and other European networks.

Last Friday March 4th, from the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB), in the framework of the EMA network collaboration, Mr. Ernest Maragall i Mira (Vice-President for International Relations and Cooperation of AMB) had an on-line meeting with the political representatives of some Polish metropolises from Katowice, Gda?sk, Wroc?aw, Krakow and Warsaw to exchange information about the situation of the Ukrainian refugees. In this regard, EMA will keep exchanging information with different European Metropolises and collecting some cooperation proposals.

Also, last Monday 14th of March the Mayor of Gda?sk, Mrs. Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, hold an extraordinary meeting of European, Ukrainian and international mayors with a very broad participation of more than 100 European with the objective of supporting and strengthening the international pressures to end the war in Ukraine immediately.

Furthermore, the colleagues from Metrex, in close collaboration with EMA, Metropolis GZM and Wroc?aw, we have prepared a Call for Help for Ukraine condemning the war and asking for collaboration and urgent actions like the shipping of sleeping bags and buses. 

Call from Mariupol

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