Condicions d'ús


AMB Informació i Serveis, SA (hereinafter AMB Informació) is a public limited company incorporated on 21 May 1986. The company is directly managed by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (hereinafter, AMB). AMB Informació is the developer and owner of the AMB P+R Aparcaments d’Intercanvi app, while the AMB is responsible for the P+R service that provides parking discounts for vehicles associated with the use of public transport in the metropolitan area of Barcelona (hereinafter, P+R Service or Service).

Using the Service
  1. The purpose of the metropolitan park & ride service, hereinafter referred to as the P+R Service or Service, is to enable users of public transport (hereinafter referred to as PT) to benefit from a reduced or free rate in parking zones close to public transport hubs marked with the Service’s badge. Cars, vans and commercial vehicles authorised via the app can be parked in these parking zones.
  2. The parking zones are regulated by the car park owner, either the city council under local ordinances or the car park owner’s terms of use. The city council or relevant authority is responsible for security. Parking attendants can check the information on the use of the service and verify that it is being used correctly through the app.
  3. Users will be notified if there is a fee for using a parking zone by means of signage and communication campaigns. In this case, the fee is not charged via the app or by AMB Informació but rather by the municipality or the organisation owning the parking zone.
  4. The AMB P+R Aparcaments d’Intercanvi app (hereinafter, the app) is an app for mobile devices and websites owned by AMB Informació which enables users to use the P+R Service, although users may also use other means (website, postal registration and helpline).
  5. An internet connection is required to use the app (in the case of mobile data use, the user is charged at the rates set by their provider, for which the AMB accepts no responsibility whatsoever). Software upgrades may be needed to use the Service, so AMB Informació may require users to install and always use the latest version of the app.
  6. Users have to register and open a Service account in order to use the P+R Service. The user must also accept the Service’s terms of use and privacy policy. 
Accepting the terms and conditions of use
  1. Accessing and using the app, the information it includes and its services and content are subject to applicable legislation and regulations, traffic and parking ordinances and these terms and conditions of use.
  2. Likewise, the user acknowledges and accepts that the services and contents offered through the app do not infringe upon and may not be used to infringe upon any applicable rules and/or regulations in force.
  3. The terms and conditions of use of the app may be altered by AMB Informació with no specific notification to the user unless the Service ceases to be free of charge. The user should therefore check the terms and conditions of use on a regular basis.
User registration
  1. This Service is intended for users of legal age. By registering with the app, the user guarantees that they meet this requirement.
  2. Access to user information is required for the app to be used. The user will need to register for the Service as a user on the app, where they have to provide all the contact details requested: personal identification (NIF/NIE), full name, valid email address, password and the plate number and specifications of at least one vehicle.
  3. To complete registration with the Service, the user has to fill in a form with the fields mentioned in section 3(2) and activate their account by means of a verification code, which will be sent to their email address. If this process is not completed within 24 hours after the code is sent, the code will no longer be valid and the user will have to ask for a new one.
  4. The mobile device’s geolocation data can also be used to enhance the user experience when the user opts in. However, the Service can still operate if this access is denied.
  5. The user is responsible for using and safeguarding their password and reporting any incidents with their user account to AMB Informació. AMB Informació may check the proper use of login credentials, ensure the Service is secure and restore the user’s access password if it is lost.
  6. The user acknowledges and accepts that AMB Informació may suspend or block their access to the app and consequently to the P+R Service if AMB Informació finds that the user is misusing the app or the P+R Service or is in breach of these terms and conditions of use.
Service use and timetable
  1. The P+R Service provides parking in car parks identified as P+R near PT modal interchange points either for free or at a reduced rate as per the established rate in the zone, subject to the use and subsequent verification of a valid transport ticket. After parking the vehicle, the user has to start and end the P+R Service at the indicated times using the app. They will also be able to check the status of their current parking, manage their profile and associated vehicles and find out about the status of P+R parking zones (location, number of spaces and occupancy rate) and their Service usage history.
  2. The P+R Service is generally open Monday to Friday from 5 am to 11 pm. Outside these hours, vehicles may park freely in the zone or as stipulated on the parking regulation signs and/or in the municipality’s ordinances.
  3. Parking time is restricted to at most 24 hours from the start of each service.
  4. To use the service, users have to download and configure the app and log in with their valid and authorised user credentials from an active account.
  5. The user will receive notifications and alerts about the end of the parking service on the app. It may be that the user does not receive these notifications due to reasons beyond AMB Informació’s control, such as poor connectivity or a flat battery.
  6. The service user can start the service by pressing Start P+R Service in the app as long as the user is validated and active, is located either automatically or manually in one of the P+R parking zones and has an associated vehicle. Once the Service has started, the user has to make a journey by PT, validate their PT ticket, press Stop P+R Service in the app and vacate the parking space.
Public transport ticket validation
  1. The P+R Service may have machines to validate PT tickets for the four main metropolitan transport network managers/operators: AMB, RENFE, ATM and FGC. Ticket validation is not required in some car parks on the outskirts of towns.
  2. Due to technical service provision reasons, PT tickets should normally be validated on the return journey.
  3. P+R ticket checking machines will communicate directly with the P+R System to associate a public transport ticket with a single user and keep track of and inform the user of its validity.
  4. Valid tickets for the Service are: T-casual, T-casual airport workers, T-familiar, special Berguedà and Ripollès packs, T-4, Passi d’acompanyant, Bonotren 10 trips Rodalies, Bono Exprés regional, T-usual, T-Grup, T-FM/FN 70/90 GEN, T-FM/FN 70/90 ESP, T-usual FM/FN GEN, T-usual FM/FN ESP, RENFE monthly pass, Catalunya regional RENFE monthly pass, T-jove, T-jove FM/FN GEN, T-jove FM/FN ESP, RENFE quarterly ticket, Free Pink Card and ATM T-Treballador annual.
  5. Single tickets, return tickets, T-dia, T-16, T-esdeveniment, regional services and any other ticket not included in the valid ticket list are not eligible for the P+R Service.
  6. There are two categories of tickets. Tickets for a given time period (e.g., T-usual) only need to be validated once at the ticket machine and are valid for use of the P+R service until their expiry date. By contrast, tickets not associated with a specific time period (e.g., T-casual) have to be validated each time the Service is used and are valid during the associated 24-hour period (from the start of the P+R Service on the app).
Breach of use
  1. Breach of use or fraudulent use of the Service, such as parking in a P+R space without being a registered user, overstaying the parking time, not validating the public transport ticket, etc., may be identified either internally and/or externally to the system. Internal breaches are identified exclusively through the app and cannot be identified by the municipal parking attendants; the opposite is the case for external breaches.
  2. Failure to validate a public transport ticket or overstaying the parking time without ending the service are considered internal breaches (hereinafter incidents). Incidents will be logged, and AMB Informació reserves the right to impose a minor penalty. The minor penalty is imposed if the user builds up four incidents and means they will be temporarily suspended from the AMB P+R service for one week. However, a severe penalty (temporary suspension of a user for six months) may be imposed if the user has three minor penalties over one year from when the first incident was logged. Incidents are cleared one year after they have been logged or once the six-month suspension has ended if a severe penalty has been imposed.
  3. Breaches external to the system (hereinafter infringements) are vehicles that are in P+R spaces during regulated hours without having started the P+R Service in the system or that have gone over the time limit for parking. The protocol for dealing with infringements is set out in each municipality’s regulations and procedures. AMB Informació therefore accepts no responsibility whatsoever and has no jurisdiction in any appeals relating to any penalties associated with such infringements.
  4. A user may only use one parking space at a time even if they have more than one vehicle associated with their account. Furthermore, a vehicle may only be parked by one user at a time (the first user) even when it is associated with the accounts of two users.
  5. The user is ultimately responsible for use of the Service: entering personal and vehicle data, choosing the P+R zone, starting and ending the Service and validating their transport ticket. Any user error in this operation may result in a breach of the regulated use of the service as set out herein. Nevertheless, exceptional cases such as accidents or long delays on the rail network will be reviewed.
  6. Any inability to view information or receive alerts from the app and manage the status of the P+R Service does not mean that the user is no longer bound by their obligations in the Service in progress. This includes any technical issues or causes beyond AMB Informació’s control and attributable to the mobile device itself or to telecommunication channels/operators. In these cases, the user may use any other compatible mobile device, download the app, log in and subsequently report the end of the Service, or alternatively call the user care helpline shown on the Service’s signs.
  7. The user can call the helpline to handle any issues in the P+R Service.
Prices and fees
  1. Downloading, registering, using and maintaining the AMB P+R Aparcaments d’Intercanvi Metropolitans app is completely free of charge and can be done using the official mobile app marketplaces for compatible smartphone operating systems. AMB Informació reserves the right to amend these financial conditions at any time with prior notice.
  2. The user may have to pay a fee (reduced due to using PT) in some P+R parking zones, which is set by the municipality owning the parking zone.
Intellectual property
  1. AMB Informació is the legitimate owner of all rights, titles and interests in and to the app, its contents and software including any modifications, upgrades and new versions and any brand, trade name, knowhow, copyright and any other intrinsic industrial or intellectual property rights.
  2. Likewise, all commercial exploitation rights of the P+R System in the future are the exclusive property of AMB Informació and the AMB.
Data protection
  1. You guarantee that the personal data you provide AMB Informació are true and accurate, and AMB Informació accepts no liability for any incidents arising from the inaccuracy or falsehood of the information provided by users.
  2. Registering with and using the P+R Service involves processing the personal data of users who sign up for the Service. Under Spain’s Data Protection and Digital Rights Safeguards Act 3/2018 of 5 December 2018, your data, including geolocation, will be processed solely and exclusively for management and notices related to the PR Service for which you have registered.
  3. Your data will be released to the organisations owning the car parks (town councils, private companies, etc.) in order to provide the Service.
  4. Your data may be used by officials responsible for parking zone supervision, user verification and authorisation, monitoring proper use of the Service and processing administrative penalties for any breaches of the terms of use of the Service, within their remit, and in case of any infringement of the terms of use of the Service and car park regulations in order to take appropriate action or impose penalties.
  5. The lawful basis for processing your data is your express consent when you voluntarily register for the Service, together with the powers and legitimate interest of the organisations responsible for the car parks you use in ensuring that the facilities are used correctly and that the terms of use of the Service are met.
  6. If you unsubscribe from the Service or it ceases to be provided, your data may be kept in the AMB’s records by legal obligation.
  7. For more information about how your data are processed, please see the AMB’s privacy policy.
  8. You acknowledge and agree that AMB Informació may use its own or third-party tools to analyse how you use the app for statistical purposes and to enhance the service.
  9. AMB Informació has in place the technical and organisational measures needed to ensure the security and integrity of your personal information while using the app. To this end, AMB Informació has implemented the security measures required based on the level of risk associated with its processing and internationally recognised security standards and has further taken the legal measures needed to ensure that user personal information is processed appropriately and securely.
  10. As a user, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, objection, restriction and data portability and opt out of marketing messages by writing to Serveis Jurídics, Exercici de Drets, Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona, c/ 62, núm. 16-18, edifici A, Zona Franca, 08040 Barcelona, enclosing a copy of your identity document, or alternatively by using the general request form.
Governing law and jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of the terms and conditions of use of the app shall be governed by Spanish law. The parties submit to the jurisdiction and authority of the courts of Barcelona for the resolution of any disputes which may arise in the interpretation and/or execution of the terms and licence of use provided for herein. Nonetheless, where Spanish or regional consumer and user protection legislation allows the user to choose the venue of their place of residence, such legislation shall apply.