BZ innovació

Restructuring of the old SEAT factory located in Zona Franca


The affected area is the land formerly occupied by the old SEAT factory in the Industrial Zone of the Zona Franca of Barcelona.

Both the size of the available space and the location, with access to main communication roads, turn it a unique space for the establishment of innovative companies.


Total area: 50 ha / 100,00 %

Initial phase of the planning.


Project for long term (10-20 years) economic restructuring. A new concept of spaces for companies, aimed at encouraging the feedback and improvement of the industry based on knowledge and technology.

A process that should be a gearshift of the future Zona Franca.


It is defined by three main sector axis, which implement business and planning concepts of high added value, based on innovation, knowledge generation and environmental sustainability:
  1. Food axis aims to complement the cluster representing Mercabarna and to facilitate the introduction and growth of companies needing advanced services and technologies in their food processing and distribution processes, and which have an international focus.
  2. Technological axis wants to create a science park for training and research where hospitals, research centres, associations, companies and universities can converge in order to facilitate the synergy, exchange and transfer of knowledge and technology.
  3. Cultural axis plans an audiovisual park concentrating production and cultural offers. It should host university, main companies of the audiovisual sector, content issuers and distributors and e new companies researching and developing postproduction processes and multimedia formats.