Besòs thermal power plant

Deployment of a hotel, tertiary and residential area


Area located halfway between the municipalities of Sant Adrià de Besòs and Badalona.

Industrial and electricity production service zone which is no longer in use.

Industrial areas have been demolished and the three towers of the power station, having a significant and unique presence in the metropolitan landscape, are kept.

Space with good road and rail connections.


Total area: 28.05 ha / 100 %

Preliminary development studies have been done.


Development of tertiary economic activities, residential activities and facilities, which conceive a new waterfront.


Construction of a waterfront landscape, following the transformation carried out in Barcelona City, which will connect with the Badalona waterfront.

Wonderful beaches in front of it, with sports areas and nautical bases.

The aim of the action is the transformation into areas with hotel or residential uses, or the possible location of university and research services.

Systems 210,395 m2/ 75.00 %
Areas 70,131 m2/ 25.00 %

Hotel   38,152 m2st/ 8.50 %
Commercial 40,396 m2st/ 9.00 %
Offices 26,930 m2st/ 6.00 %