Transport services

Recreació coronavirus

Please do not travel other than for urgent reasons
Moving safely

General recommendations

  • It is mandatory to wear a mask at all times while using public transport: inside the vehicles, at stations, stops and corridors.
  • Please, avoid using public transport if you feel sick or if you are in a risk group. Under no circumstances, do not travel if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or if you have any symptom compatible with such disease.
  • If possible, work and make any bureaucratic procedure from home. If you must travel, avoid rush hours whenever you can.
  • Be aware that it may take longer than usual to travel in public transport. You can find access limitation and safety controls.
  • Try to keep the safety distance with other public transport users.
  • When you exit the public transport, wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap or with hydroalcoholic gel as soon as you can.

For bus users

  • At bus stops, please wait in organised queues and keep the safety distance amongst users. The queues must be straight and should not occupy the whole sidewalk.
  • If you are on a platform or at a bus stop, leave enough space in front of the doors and let other users to exit the transport comfortably.
  • Keep the distance while entering the vehicle; the driver will wait for you.
  • Remember to keep interaction with drivers to a minimum.
  • A safety screen will be placed next to the drivers to prevent contagion.
  • Do not enter the bus if it is at its full capacity, wait for the next one.
  • When going to validate your ticket, keep the distance with the user that goes before you.
  • Seats can be occupied 100%. 

For train, metro and tram users

  • Patiently wait in organised queues in the entrance and exit corridors of train and metro stations.
  • Inside the stations, keep right in corridors and leave space for users going in the opposite direction.
  • On escalators and conveyor belts, form a queue and do not overtake those that go before you.
  • Do not use the elevators at full capacity.
  • While you wait for the train, metro or tram, maximise the distance with other users by positioning yourselves along the platform.
  • Seats can be occupied 100%.
  • Inside the train, metro or tram, position yourselves along the vehicle.

Service status
  • NITBUS: 100% of the transport service.
  • Bus Metropolità lines: 100% of the transport service.
  • Metro de Barcelona, FGC, TRAM and Rodalies de Catalunya: 100% of the transport service.
  • The bus lines of the Directorate General for Transport and Mobility: 100% of the transport service.
  • The urban bus lines of the AMTU: 100% of the transport service.

ATM will compensate integrated public transport tickets that have not been used during the emergency period. 

Further information: Recupera els teus viatges!

The Bicibox service (safe bicycle parking) will not take your bicycle away after 48 hours on business days or 72 hours on weekends.

Customer Service Office (OAC) at Passeig dels Ferrocarrils Catalans, 142-144 (Cornellà de Llobregat) is closed.

The e-Bicibox service has been re-established.

Recommendations to reduce the risk of infection in Bicibox or e-Bicibox service

Move around only if necessary: we all can help minimize the spread of the COVID-19. Stay home as far as possible. Please, get out only to get the basics or to go to work if you have an on-site job in a company developing essential activities.

If you use the service, please remember:
  • It is MANDATORY to use gloves.
  • It is RECOMMENDED to wear a mask.
Steps to use the service:
  • In case you run into some other user when getting or parking a bike, keep a safety distance of 1.5 to 2 metres.
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, please do it covering your mouth and nose with your elbow to prevent droplets reach the control panel and protect other users. This way we avoid the spread of the COVID-19.
  • Insert your card in the panel card reader and press the needed buttons only.
  • Open the e-Bicibox door and get or park the bike. Touch the minimum elements needed, i.e. the lock. Gloves shall help to prevent transmission and to avoid injuries from falling.
  • During the trip, avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth to prevent infection.
Once at work or at home:
  • Wash thoroughly your hands with water and soap (or alcoholic solutions).
  • Clean the card with a wet cloth (water and soap or hidroalcoholic solution).

Remember: health comes first, and, if you do it correctly, e-Bicibox parkings and bikes will be safe places for all.

Bicibox website
93 480 15 59
  • Reobertura del servei e-Bicibox
    Coincidint amb la reobertura del servei, per tal de limitar el risc de contagi davant de la situació d'emergència sanitària actual, el servei e-Bicibox ha establert les següents recomanacions per als usuaris:
    • Eviteu els desplaçaments innecessaris: contenir la propagació de la COVID-19 és responsabilitat de tots. Si podeu, quedeu-vos a casa.
    • Només heu de sortir per cobrir les necessitats bàsiques o si heu de treballar presencialment, per exemple, en una empresa dedicada a activitats essencials.
    Si sou usuaris del servei e-Bicibox de bicicletes elèctriques compartides de l'AMB i heu de desplaçar-vos, recordeu que cal seguir els passos següents:
    • Obligatori utilitzar guants i recomanable portar mascareta.
    • Si quan arribeu al mòdul e-Bicibox per retirar o aparcar la bicicleta coincidiu amb un altre usuari, respecteu la distància de seguretat establerta: entre 1,50 i 2 metres.
    • Si teniu necessitat d'esternudar o tossir, seguiu les indicacions sanitàries i eviteu l'expansió tapant-vos el nas i la boca amb el colze flexionat. D'aquesta manera, evitareu que les gotícules es dipositin en el quadre d'interacció i protegireu la resta d'usuaris d'un possible contagi.
    • Poseu la vostra targeta al lector del quadre d'interacció i premeu únicament els botons imprescindibles.
    • Obriu la porta de l'e-Bicibox i retireu-ne o aparqueu-hi la bicicleta. Toqueu el mínim imprescindible d'elements comuns, com el pany. Els guants us ajudaran a prevenir possibles contagis i a evitar lesions davant de possibles caigudes.
    • Durant el teu trajecte, sempre que pugueu eviteu tocar-vos la cara, els ulls, el nas i la boca, així evitareu possibles contagis.
    Finalment, un cop arribeu a casa o a la feina, és important que feu dues accions bàsiques:
    • Renteu-vos les mans en profunditat amb aigua i sabó (o solucions alcohòliques).
    • Netegeu la targeta d'abonat amb un drap humitejat amb aigua i sabó (o solucions alcohòliques).
    Recordeu: la vostra salut és el primer i, si ho feu bé, els aparcaments i les bicicletes d'e-Bicibox seran segurs per a tots.

    Web del Bicibox
    93 480 15 59


  • Taxis will meet 60 % of demand.
  • Seats can be 100 % occupied.
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in the taxi.
  • Only the 30 % of the AMB taxi fleet will be operating daily.
  • Taxis can install temporary safety screens.
  • Temporary suspension of taxi stands in terminal 2 (T2) of the Barcelona-El Prat airport.
  • Try opening doors with your NON-dominant hand.
  • The seat next to the driver must be free at all times.
  • Once a day, the vehicle needs to be cleaned and disinfected.
  • It is recommended to open the windows in order to renew the air. Avoid using climate control systems.
  • Cash payment should be avoided. Please, use card or phone payment whenever possible.
  • The taxi driver is not compelled to hand printed payment receipts, unless specifically requested and accepted by passengers.
If you need a taxi, you can also call the service operators or use an app. Please, remember travelling only for strong reasons.

Taxi radio stations
Taxi apps


Metropolitan Park & Ride P+R

Service reactivated.

Regulated parking areas

Service reactivated.

The AMB, the Barcelona City Council and the other metropolitan city councils included in the low emissions zone ZBE Rondes BCN postpone the effective date of the penalty system, until 15 September 2020.

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