This Catalogue is designed to help citizens and organisations learn about the core, essential features of the services they get from the AMB. It will also enable them to find out what their rights and obligations are as service users regardless of whether they benefit from these services as individuals or as members of a group.

In turn, in this Service Charter Catalogue the AMB undertakes to maintain and enhance the quality of the services outlined in line with their descriptions on its corporate website.

Finally, the Service Catalogue aims to enhance the relationship between service users and the public authority by identifying the administrative units in charge of providing the services and the communication channels available for contacting them about the services they deliver.

Catalogue publication date: December 2016
Oversight unit: Area for General Services and Territory. General Services Directorate
Mission and values
Mission: to safeguard metropolitan social cohesion and enhance the quality of life of the people living in the 36 municipalities in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

Vision and values: the AMB seeks to fulfil its mission by delivering comprehensive and efficient public service management designed to optimise the municipalities' common strategies and objectives using a supportive, cooperative approach which respects the identities of the cities and towns comprising the AMB.

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