Amèrica és femení [America is a girl's name]

America is a girl's name poster
Amèrica és femení (America is a girl's name)
Technical details
SponsorCasa Amèrica Catalunya 
Partner: Barcelona Metropolitan Area
Collaborators: Government of Catalonia; Spanish Agency of International Development Cooperation;Barcelona city council; Provincial Council of Barcelona; Abertis FoundationObra Social la CaixaAGBAR Foundation
Action area:
Education for Global Justice
  • AMB: 18.000€; Casa Amèrica Catalunya: 15.000€

In progress Done


The overall objective of the project has been to present the main achievements and lessons learnt from women in Central and South America, through the testimony of relevant experiences of women from various countries that have presented their perspective on global, social, local and metropolitan governance in leadership roles.

The conference should make the impact of local public policies visible in terms of gender equality and the individual and collective rights of women.