Addressing the Metropolitan Challenge


Lessons from five European metropolitan areas: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Greater Manchester, Stuttgart and Zürich

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  • Addressing the Metropolitan Challenge in Barcelona Metropolitan Area


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This study is a benchmarking of different lessons of cooperation and organisation of the metropolitan areas of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Greater Manchester, Stuttgart and Zürich. It includes set of political recommendations that could be applied to the case of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

This document aims to contribute to the debate about AMB's gouvernance, competencies and financing resources. It has been drafted within the EMA (European Metropolitan Authorities) framework, whose purpose is to provide to the leaders of European metropolitan regions a suitable space to address today's metropolitan challenges.

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    Anna Bajomi, Vera Horváth, Hanna Szemz?, Andrea Tönk? and Diána Vonnák
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    English , Catalan
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    B 16221-2018


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