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International Area

The AMB Area for International Relations and Cooperation works to raise the external profile of the metropolitan area and actors, positioning them on international networks and agendas and acting in their interest by lobbying the European Union, the United Nations and other multilateral organisations.
This Area is also involved in International Cooperation and Education for Global Justice projects promoting sustainable urban development in other European, Central American, African and Mediterranean metropolitan areas within its fields of competence.


  • | Subject: International Cooperation

    Armilles convertides en clauers

    Guardonats del concurs d'idees per transformar les armilles salvavides de Lesbos

  • | Subject: Agriculture, International Relations

    Interreg MED MADRE

    Meeting to uptake policy recommendations to foster urban and periurban agriculutre

  • | Subject: International Relations, Waste

    UMBRELLA prototype

    Innovative solid waste treatment systems of the Life Methamorphosis project

  • | Subject: Metropolis, International Relations

    Post-Habitat III International Congress

    More than 200 people from 30 metropolises attended the Congress to address the challenges of the future cities