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The metropolitan parks network consists of 47 parks, distributed in 29 municipalities, with an area of more than 2.500.000 2. The AMB, in accordance with metropolitan town councils, is in charge of its management: vegetation, urban furniture, facilities, paving and built elements; as well as its promotion through the dynamism of activities and educational projects.

Parks have also been the objects of actions of inventory, technical studies and differentiated management, promotion of statements of protection and dissemination of trees and shrubs being unique for their size, history, botanical rarity or aesthetic qualities that merit special protection in order to ensure their conservation.


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    Plantes invasores

    Finalitza la campanya d'eliminació a les zones dunars del delta del Llobregat

  • | Theme: Parks

    Primavera als parcs

    Més de 15.000 persones participen en les activitats fetes fins ara

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