Metropolitan shared electric motorcycle

Shared mobility is an alternative to private transport and allows people to access vehicles when they need them. With this system, pollution is reduced, a more sustainable mobility is encouraged and clean energy vehicles are promoted. 


The main objective of the metropolitan regulation is to achieve an optimal management of shared mobility with electric motorcycles in the metropolitan area, following one of the milestones of the AMB Government Agreement for the 2023-2027 mandate: decreasing the use of private vehicle with actions such as the promotion and boosting of shared electric motorcycles. 

On the 16th of May 2023, the AMB created, within the Mobility Council, the Metropolitan Committee on Shared Electric Motorcycle (TMMEC), a group of almost 90 representatives from the field of mobility. The TMMEC promotes shared mobility while analysing the viability of shared electric motorcycles in the metropolitan area, thanks to the technical and municipal meetings held. These meetings allow to define the main characteristics for the metropolitan regulation of this shared mobility model. 

Publications and documentation

On the following section you can find all the approved and published documentation relating to the metropolitan regulation of the metropolitan shared electric motorcycle.

Participatory work

Mobility Council

Sessions of 2022 (in Catalan)