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The aim of this website is to provide and gather open data from the metropolitan administration of Barcelona so these data can be checked and re-used.

What is open data?
Open data means opening to citizens the public data of public administrations, consisting in making the data generated by these administrations available to the public for free and in digital and standardised formats.

The datasets of open data websites facilitate access to all this information and, moreover, encourage people to re-use these data. In doing so, any person or organization can use the data obtained for a new idea that will generate new data, new knowledge and new services. Open data allow for a whole new range of opportunities for innovation and knowledge, and also provide new business opportunities.

Through this service, the administrations increase their transparency, since citizens can access a real vision of the services provided. Furthermore, this fosters the economic tissue and innovation, as large amounts of information are opened and companies can use this for free to complement their products and services.

Open data:
  • Generate value and wealth.
  • Increase the transparency of public policies.
  • Create new services and improve the existing ones.
In this regard, metropolitan open data can be useful to gain a better knowledge on what is going on in the metropolitan area through data that everyone can access openly.
The use of data
The role of open data is to allow people to exploit these data to generate applications, to increase transparency on the management of public administrations and to allow citizens to access the information.

The AMB publishes its data in a re-usable format also to allow third parties or organizations to generate products and services for the citizens and businesses. Another important feature of open data is that they are inter-operational, in the sense that by making the data open, this facilitates the creation of services based on the data from the different public administrations.

Open data from the AMB may be used by:
  • Persons and organizations that are interested in promoting transparency, the analysis of these data, generating service applications or assessing public administration.
  • Private initiatives, providing services with a commercial purpose, that will generate value for citizens.
  • Other public administrations that, thanks to their inter-operational features, can generate horizontal services for citizens from a single service point..
Information for developers
About the AMB Open data portal

The purpose of this website is to publicly provide datasets from the AMB so these data can be exploited using the API.

This page explains how to use API open data to create and retrieve the data from the different available sources within the AMB website.

Documentation of the API Opendata