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The 2009-2016 PMGRM (Metropolitan Programme of Municipal Waste Management) is in charge of preventing waste production, as well as of the recycling and reuse of already generated wastes in order to transform them into useful resources.

Programa Metropolità de Gestió de Residus Municipals (PMGRM) 2009-2016

PMGRM priorities

The 2009-2016 Metropolitan Programme of Municipal Waste Management has four key objectives based on priorities established by the Framework Directive on waste from 2008:
  1. Maintaining or reducing waste generation through prevention actions.
  2. Complementing and optimising facilities with the aim of recycling over 50% of general waste, between waste selection made by citizens and what is got from the treatment plant.
  3. Ensuring the treatment of 100 % of all fractions of municipal waste or similar, including the remainder fraction. The treatment of such fraction is essential to get usable materials or to produce energy.
  4. Ensuring a stable management of waste by giving priority to the energetic value above disposal.Mantenir o reduir la generació de residus mitjançant accions de prevenció.

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