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The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, as a local body with territorial character, has the authority and statutory regulations, as well as tax and tariff powers, within its responsibilities, as set out in Article 3 of the Preliminary Title of Law 31/2010 of the AMB and in accordance with the regional and state laws regulating local governments.

This regulatory powers result in the endorsement of regulations, and tax and regulatory ordinances that allow, among other functions, the regulation of:
  1. Fulfilment of activities of individuals, subjecting them to license or prior authorization, prior notification to or responsible declaration, and to other measures of administrative control and inspection, in accordance with the relevant sectorial legislation.
  2. Organization and operation of services and activities corresponding to its competencies, by adopting different forms of management of public services established by law.
  3. Establisment of public pricing and rates.

You can find more information on the different rules and ordinances regulating the AMB activity, as well as public pricing of its different services, in the website in Catalan.