The position of vice-president is a complementary and unipersonal governing body. Vice-presidents are appointed by the president among the metropolitan councillors.


Their function is to replace the president in cases prescribed by law, such as vacancy, absence or impediment.

Vice-presidents also manage metropolitan services and competencies that have been delegated by the president. Currently, there are seven vice-presidents, apart from the executive vice-president, with offices in Environment, Mobility and Transport, Strategic Planning, Social and Economic Development, and International and Cooperation.


Vice-president Núria Marín i Martínez PSC-CP
Vice-president Lluís Tejedor Ballesteros ENTESA pel Progrés Municipal
Vice-president for Environment Eloi Badia ENTESA pel Progrés Municipal
Vice-president for Mobility and Transport Antoni Poveda Zapata PSC-CP
Vice-president for Social and Economic Development Jaume Collboni PSC-CP
Vice-president for International Relations and Cooperation Maite Aymerich ERC-AM
Vice-president for Strategic Planning Janet Sanz ENTESA pel Progrés Municipal