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The Article 14 of the AMB Law 31/2010 provides that the AMB is responsible for the approval of the Urban Mobility Metropolitan Plan, understanding as urban mobility, the one affecting the area of unitary management of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

According to such law, the metropolitan action plan PAM 2011-2015 sets, among its objectives, its commitment to initiate the process of formulation of the Urban Mobility Metropolitan Plan (PMMU), and to prepare the relationship platforms being necessary to collaborate and/or coordinate urban mobility municipal plans (PMU), as well as to participate in several local initiatives related to transport and mobility.

    Urban Mobility Metropolitan Plan Information about the main criteria, methodology and instrumental technical studies for the drafting of the Urban Mobility Metropolitan Plan


    Urban Mobility Plans of municipalities Main features, state of the question in metropolitan municipalities and role of the AMB for the development of Urban Mobility Plans.


    Mobility Law Principles of the Mobility Law and basic planning tools established by the National Mobility Directives, including the Urban Mobility Plans.


    Mobility studies Studies, research papers, reports, etc., for mobility planning.


    Electric vehicle Programme aimed at implementing the use of electric vehicles in the area.