Waste management in the Jazira Region


| Subject: International Cooperation

The preparation of the municipal waste management strategy for this Syrian region is drawing to a close

Waste collection in the Jazira Region

On 22th June the last work session took place to prepare the Strategic Plan for Solid Waste Management in the Jazira Region, in the north-east of Syria. The plan defines the municipal strategy related to solid waste management until 2030.
The Strategic Plan is accompanied by a market survey; thus, providing two strategic tools for boosting the improvement of waste management in the area. These elements have been used to identify the main pillars that need to be developed to achieve significant changes to make further progress in guaranteeing environmental rights, and the rights to health and the city. 

A plan adapted to the context of the territory

The plan is the result of teamwork, which has involved political and technical representatives of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment of the Jazira Region, the expert team of the NGO, Un Ponte Per (UPP), the AMB Directorate for Waste Prevention and Management Services and its Cooperation Service. The participatory process has encouraged joint analysis and reflection, which has greatly enriched the resulting plan. Likewise, people with diverse experience and knowledge have participated, therefore making it possible to adapt the plan to the context of the territory and incorporate both technical waste management knowledge and a social view of the processes that need to be implemented.

During the session, a market survey was also presented, in order to identify the possible uses of the recycled materials obtained through selective waste collection in the municipalities of the north-east of Syria, in the Jazira Region. The market survey, conducted by the A SUD organisation to complement the preparation of the Strategic Plan, incorporates the gender and diversity perspective, which is especially favourable for the integration of women and minors in the sector.

These actions are framed within the technical cooperation linked to the subsidy of the project for sanitary waste management and recycling in the north-east of Syria, ‘Support for Municipalities and Health Infrastructure', implemented jointly by Un Ponte Per, the Kurdish Red Crescent and the AMB, in direct coordination with local institutions in the region.

Besides contributing towards the Strategic Plan, the project also supports sanitary waste management in north-east Syria, thus continuing with the work that the AMB, Un Ponte Per and the Kurdish Red Crescent have been carrying out since 2018, which has placed the AMB and its partner institutions in a prominent position in the sector in the region.


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