Projects follow-up in Maputo


| Subject: International Cooperation

The AMB has currently ongoing projects of mobility and governance in this Mozambican city

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A team of the AMB Area for International Relations and Cooperation, composed by its vice-president, Alfred Bosch, and the technical team, has visited the Maputo Metropolitan Area (AMM) in Mozambique between 28 and 31 August to reinforce the commitments undertaken with this African metropolis and to monitor the projects carried out by the AMB.

The work being done at the AMM focuses on sustainable, inclusive and safe mobility and also on the public spaces, emphasizing on the creation of a metropolitan transport agency.

The institutional agenda of the visit included meetings with several authorities from the Maputo area, as well as from the Mozambican government. During one of these meetings with the Mayor of Maputo, David Simago, and the director of the metropolitan transport agency, Antonio Matos, an agreement fostering a metropolitan management of the mobility in a more sustainable and inclusive way was signed. 

Metropolitan governance and sustainable mobility

On November 2017, a law to implement the Metropolitan Transport Agency of the "Greater Maputo" was passed. The AMB committed to support this initiative from, based on its knowledge and expertise in metropolitan mobility management, with the participation of its Departments of Mobility, Public Space and Cooperation.

There were two sessions of exchange and joint reflection, one in Barcelona, about metropolitan governance, and the other in Maputo, about mobility and metropolitan governance on transport.

Different actions have been undertaken in order to improve the public transport network: create a map of metropolitan corridors of public transport, inclusive design for stops within the public space, plan for a new terminal and prepare a handbook that will be the basis for the mobility and traffic safety. In addition, several training actions were organized by the municipal staff and private entities of the sector as well as an awareness campaign to prevent violence against women in the public transport system.

Finally, the trip included a visit to the Hulene landfill—where on last February a mortal landslide occurred—confirming the necessity of a new infrastructure guaranteeing safety of the workers and environmental sustainability. The AMB committed itself to participate in this process.

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