MedCities Training for local councils


| Subject: International Relations

Videos are available with the material of the sessions

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During the first six months of this year, the MedCities Network held a series of knowledge transfer and training sessions for political and technical staff at the local councils that form part of the network. The training course was given in response to a need expressed by mayors during the entity's General Meeting. MedCities is a network of 63 local councils and municipal unions spread over the entire Mediterranean region and based in Barcelona. It is financially supported by the AMB.

The sessions dealt with matters such as environmental management, municipal solid waste management, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. The participants were able to find out and share different points of view on the status of these issues in the Mediterranean Basin, and know the main challenges and opportunities for action that can be implemented.

The landscape architect and urban designer, Eugènia Vidal, from the General Coordination of Infrastructure and Innovation of the AMB, participated in the environmental management module. Her lecture focused on the implementation of some nature-based solutions (NbS) in the metropolitan area of Barcelonaf, such as the functional area of Collserola, which forms the basis for creating different guidelines yet to be defined. For example, an intermediate area between the city and the park, or the Collserola Farm Management Plan. Vidal also stressed the importance of planning with an optimum scope, especially in regard to the challenges of climate change and the subsequent growing threats, like the problem of aquifers or their recharge, etc. The participants were also given information about citizen science projects through the Metropolis Butterfly Monitoring Scheme and Fauna Viewer.

Videos of the sessions

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