Investment in parks and byke paths


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More than €3 million ERDF funds to improve metropolitan parks and complete Bicivia network

Parc de Can Mercader

The Goverment of Catalonia has assigned to AMB two ERDF grants of more than €3 million to invest in heritage, biodiversity and sustainable mobility projects. €1,177,685 will be devoted to restore and improve the metropolitan parks network with heritage values. €2,172,700 will be invested in the extension of byke paths of Bicivia network. 

This project is framed within the ERDF Funding Agreement entered into by the government of Catalonia and AMB in 2017, to manage metropolitan projects within the Catalonia ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020 under priority axis 2, 4 and 6. his agreement will enable the AMB to invest a total of €72 million, of which 30 will be co-funded by the ERDF.

Improving heritage values in parks

A grant of €1.1 million from the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) will permit the continuous improvement of the Metropolitan Parks Network (XPM). The funding will be used to restore six metropolitan parks with heritage, architectural, botanical and historical values.

The AMB will be in charge of creating the final design, project management and all the administrative and technical management of the ERDF Operational Programme.

The main action will be focused on restoration in six metropolitan parks: Torreblanca, Can Vidalet, Can Mercader, Can Buxeres, Can Solei i de Ca l'Arnús and Parc de les Aigües

All these restoration procedures will consider incorporating values such as accessibility and social cohesion, as the adaptation of accesses and installation of handrails will increase users' safety, while new signage on heritage elements will turn them into new educational facilities in the parks.

Further information on parks improvement

Six new strategic byke paths for Bicivia network

Bicivia, the metropolitan bike path network, will progress further towards completion thanks to a new subsidy ERDF Fund worth 2.1 million euros. This financing will be used to build six new strategic stretches between 2020 and 2023.

The six new stretches of bike path will be key connections among different metropolitan municipalities while also facilitating the connectivity between the city of Barcelona and the Besòs and Llobregat regions. More generally, they will improve the bicycle connectivity in the metropolitan area of Barcelona by overcoming territorial barriers like rivers, roadway infrastructures and railways.

This subsidy will also be used to partly finance a strategic Bicivia stretch already built which is currently in quite heavy use: the bike route between Esplugues de Llobregat and Barcelona.

The total cost of these actions is €5,842,041, 2.1 million of which is being subsidised with ERDF funds, while the rest is being co-financed by the AMB and the metropolitan municipalities.

Further information on Bicivia extension

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