Co-creation workshop


| Subject: Urban Public Spaces, Sustainability

Type: Clearing

1st workshop organised by the AMB on 27th November 2020

Imatge del seminari

Experts from the Area of Ecology, the Area for the Development of Urban Planning Policies and the General Manager Bureau of the AMB have taken part in this first co-creation workshop. They have all shared relevant information about river areas and, from different disciplines, they have tried to fill the existing knowledge gaps in relation to ecosystem services and nature-based solutions, especially those related to urban forests. More specifically, through three particular dynamics, participants on the workshop have debated which ecosystem services are most relevant, which elements are key to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services in the territory, where they detect knowledge gaps and what is (or should be) the role of trees, parks and forests as nature-based solutions in the metropolitan section of the Llobregat river.

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