Zero emission off-peak urban deliveries

Technical details

  • Subjects:
    Mobility and Transport
  • Status:
  • Type / Subtype:
    EIT /
  • Municipality:
  • Budget:
    1.200.000 €
  • Financing:


    AMB budget: €28,818 (co-financed at 70 %)


Lead: Colruyt


  • Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • AMB
  • KTH
  • MOL
  • Fraunhofer IML
  • Estocolm
  • Universitat de Tartu
  • Munich


The aim of the ZEUS project was to promote the distribution of goods within cities in a quiet and emissions-free manner, by encouraging a cleaner and safer environment. In this sense, the project has provided knowledge and experience in the implementation of a freight distribution service of this nature, which will help decision-makers to implement restrictions and recommendations linked to this concept of logistics in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

ZEUS has tested two important pilots to measure the impact (e.g. noise reduction) on citizen satisfaction: silent transport operations to the city centre, including driving and manoeuvring, and silent loading and unloading activities.

All measurement results, experiences and recommendations drawn from the field tests have been used as a basis for a guideline handbook. The aim is to exploit the benefits of off-peak deliveries for citizens, cities and businesses, to support European cities in the implementation and deployment of off-peak delivery concepts and to accelerate the change.

A shift of urban logistics operation to off-peak times might be a viable option to relieve some of the stress on the traffic systems, as this project has proven successfully.

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