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Parking charges in the regulated zones of Badalona, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, El Prat de Llobregat, Sant Joan Despí, Sant Just Desvern, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona, Esplugues de Llobregat, Castelldefels, Montgat and Sant Boi de Llobregat.

Primer pla d'un aarquímetre


This is a new mobile method of payment. It’s quick, convenient and eliminates queues, as you don’t have to go to a parking meter. You pay only for the time you use the parking space. The idea is to standardise the regulated parking model used across the metropolitan area.

This means all Barcelona metropolis road users will be able to check and pay parking charges using a single app on their mobile and also start and end parking in the blue or green zones of any of the municipalities on the platform.


  • Saves time: you don’t need to find a parking meter, do the payment process, take out the ticket and go back and put it in your car.
  • Saves money: you only pay for your actual parking time because you don’t have to prepay at the meter.

How it works
  1. Download the app and register by entering your username, payment and vehicle details. You only have to do this once.
  2. Choose the type of parking space on the map displayed in the app and select your vehicle.
  3. The app shows the starting date and time, rates, schedule and time limits for parking.
  4. It displays the amount in real time while you are parked.
  5. When you finish parking, you can pay and then see the receipt.
  6. You can also view your transaction history at any time.


About the registration procedure, how the user zone works and using the AMB Aparcament Metropolità app

  • Registration and user zone

    What types of user are there?

    • Personal account: for private users who own one or more vehicles in their household.
    • Corporate account: for companies or fleet accounts. This account allows a work or sales engineer team to handle and make payments for parking a fleet of vehicles in blue or green short-stay spaces. It requires prior authorisation by a company administrator, who registers all its users and associated vehicles.

    How do I register for a personal account?

    You can register via the app after downloading it or via the website You will have to fill in your personal details in the form and will receive an email to verify your address.

    How do I register for a corporate account?
    You can only register a corporate account on the website, where you have to fill in your personal details in the form. You will then get an e-mail to verify your address.

    What should I do if I forget my username or password?
    You can retrieve your password on the app or the website and will receive an email telling you what you have to do next.

    Are my credit card and bank account details secure in the system?
    Yes. All information is encrypted and meets the highest security standards.

    How do I cancel my account?
    You can do this on the app in your user settings by pressing ‘Deregister’. You can also do it in your user area on the website. If you are a corporate account user, the general administrator of the account will have to do it.

    How can I change my bank card?
    You can change it in the app in your user settings under ‘Pagament’ (payment). You can also change it in your user area on the website. També la pots canviar des de la teva zona d'usuari del web.

  • How AMB Aparcament Metropolità works

    What happens if the traffic warden doesn’t see a conventional pay and display ticket inside the vehicle? Will I be fined?
    There’s no need to worry. All traffic wardens have a device which enables them to check in real time whether the vehicle has got a digital ticket.

    Can I start a parking ticket from anywhere?
    No. It’s very important that you start the ticket from your vehicle or next to it once you’ve parked.

    Can I start a ticket outside the regulated parking service hours?
    Yes. You can start a parking transaction outside regulated hours and you begin paying from the moment the payment period commences.

    What should I do if the app tells me it hasn’t found a pay zone near where I am?
    Make sure it’s not a residents-only, DUM or unregulated zone. We recommend you look at the sign at the start of the stretch of road to check the kind of space and the regulated times.

    Can I register more than one vehicle?
    Yes. You can add and delete vehicles in the ‘My vehicles’ menu in the app or in the user area on the website.

    Can I use my mobile phone to park several vehicles at the same time?
    No, you can only have one ticket valid at the same time.

    Can I renew a valid ticket in the same zone?
    No. The green and blue parking spaces are intended to encourage turnover and cater to more users, so once you’ve reached the time limit for parking you’ll have to leave the space.

    Can I use the app to park as a resident?
    No. At present the app only allows parking in short-stay parking spaces (preferably blue and green). You can’t park as a resident or in vehicles with badges.

    Where can I view and manage my tickets?
    You can view and download the statements you want in the user area or in the app in your ‘Transaction history’. Bills are not sent to home addresses.

    What should I do if I disagree with charges to my bank account?
    Fill in a form in ‘Contact’ on the website or call our customer care helpline on 930 333 333. You can also contact us through the app by pressing ‘Suport tècnic’ (technical support) in the ‘Informació i ajuda’ (information and help) menu, and we’ll get back to you within 48 working hours.

    How will I see the charge for the parking payment made with the app in my bank statement?
    Depending on your bank and the type of card you use for payment, you may see it in two ways:

    1. A single charge for the exact amount of time parked.
    2. A charge for the maximum parking time allowed in the zone where you’ve parked (prepaid by your bank) followed by a refund of the amount for the time you didn’t use.

Condicions d'ús

Barcelona de Serveis Municipals, SA (hereinafter B:SM) is the provider of the mobile app called AMB Aparcament Metropolità (hereinafter the app) and its Corporate Tax Code (CIF) is A-08765919.

The terms of use of the app are set out below in the following sections:

  1. Accessing the app
  2. Registering in the app
  3. Using the app. Parking
  4. Prices and fees
  5. App parking terms of use
  6. Payment terms and conditions
  7. Suspension
  8. Location
  9. Intellectual property rights
  10. Terms of use update and changes
  11. Suggestions, queries and complaints procedure
  • 1. Accessing the app
    • The app is equivalent to parking meters and runs on smartphones with an Internet data connection and a GPS system. The app is free and allows users to pay to park their vehicles in the designated areas of the AMB municipalities which are members of the Metropolitan Parking Platform solely for their actual parking time using the Start & Stop method without having to go to a parking meter to pay physically or print out a paper ticket.
    • As it is a payment system equivalent to the current one, the app user can choose to use either the parking meter or the app each time they park (the parking terms and conditions are the same in both cases).
    • The app requires the use of compatible smartphones, installation of the mobile app and access to the internet (subject to any connection fees that may be charged by your operator, which the app provider is not responsible for and is fully indemnified against). Some of the app’s features cannot be used in areas without mobile coverage and/or when the phone’s data services are not turned on. In this case, you acknowledge and accept that use of the app will not be fully complete as you may not be able to receive alerts sent to your terminal or connect to the API provided by web or other services. Under no circumstances will the app provider accept any liability for problems caused by the removal or disabling of access to any of the services.
    • Software upgrades may be needed to use the app properly, so the app provider may require you to install and always use the latest version of the mobile app.
    • You do not need to register with AMB Aparcament to download and install the app.
    • You have to accept the app’s terms of use and privacy policy when you download it.
    • By downloading and using the app, you are stating and guaranteeing that you have sufficient capacity to enter into this agreement.
    • The app may automatically gather certain information, including but not limited to the type of device you are using, your mobile device’s ID and operating system, the type of internet browser you are using and information about your use of the app. The app collects information about the location of your mobile device (see Location).
    • The app is intended for anyone aged 18 and over. You are responsible for meeting the requirements for using the mobility services provided. Your use of the app is subject to compliance with applicable regulations (driving licences, identity documents, etc.). 
  • 2. Registering in the app
    • You need to provide all the contact details requested in order to register with the app as a user, including your personal identification number (NIF/NIE) or company identification number (CIF), your full name and, where applicable, your company name, a valid email address and a mobile phone number.
    • You also need to activate your account by going to the confirmation page linked to in the email the app provider sends to the email address you enter during the registration procedure. If you do not go to this link, your account will not be activated as the email address you provide cannot be verified and will be assumed to be incorrect.
    • The account owner (or administrator user) can choose between two types of registration: (i) personal account or (ii) corporate account.
    • A personal account allows parking payments to be made for one vehicle at a time. A corporate account allows several users to charge parking to the same account. However, each user can only park one vehicle at a time.
    • The administrator user of a corporate account is responsible for entering the email address and editing or deleting the identification data (name or alias) and restrictions (vehicles, parking conditions, etc.) of the mobile users who pay for mobility services charged to the same corporate account.
    • The administrator user of a corporate account may add mobile users to their corporate account in the website’s user area. To do this, the administrator user gives the app provider the email address of potential users and the app provider sends these potential users a link which they can use to register in the app by providing their personal identification number (NIF/NIE) and password and accepting the service’s terms of use and privacy policy.
  • 3. Using the app. Parking
    • To use the app, system users will need to download and configure the mobile app on a compatible smartphone and log in with their mobile app access details (valid and active for a valid account).
    • They can set up notifications and alerts related to current parking via the mobile app.
    • Even if they are configured, these alerts may not be received by mobile users due to reasons beyond the app provider’s control (e.g., poor connectivity, flat battery, etc.).
    • The rights and duties for the digital (paperless) ticket via the mobile app are the same as for paper tickets from the parking meter and start/stop is the receipt.
    • The app user can only get and pay for digital parking tickets valid for parking in regulated short-stay parking spaces as a non-resident of each municipality and in any other regulated parking spaces there may be in the town or city. However, the app provider reserves the option to extend the scope of application of the digital parking ticket available through the app. In such a case, the provider will notify users of the new scope of application.
    • The device’s GPS tracker must be turned on in start/stop operations.
  • 4. Prices and fees
    • Downloading, registering, using and maintaining the app is completely free of charge and can be done using the official mobile app marketplaces for compatible smartphone operating systems. The app provider reserves the right to amend these financial conditions at any time with prior notice.
    • The administrator user pays the parking fee at the rates in force regulated in the ordinances of the city council for each regulated parking zone depending on the actual time the parking space was used.
  • 5. App parking terms of use
    • You must be registered at AMB Aparcament Metropolità to park. You will be asked for the necessary details (if we do not already have them): vehicle details (you must provide the plate number of the vehicle or vehicles you wish to register) and payment details (you must provide a single bank card, which will be validated in real time).
    • You have to be with your vehicle and ask to start parking. The app uses the GPS tracker when starting the parking service, so if it is turned off you will not be able to start the operation. You then enter the type of parking space and the vehicle.
    • Parking time is calculated in start/stop mode, so you will have to state both your time of arrival and time of departure from the parking space via the app. This means the GPS tracker must also be on at the time of the stop operation.
    • A mobile user can only have one parking operation at a time. The same user cannot have two parking operations at the same time even if they are for different vehicles or parking spaces.
    • Although the app will help you to select the parking conditions for the zone, you are ultimately responsible for the parking conditions specified in your parking request: zone types, timetable conditions, time limit, etc.
    • Any mistakes you make in the conditions of the parking operation you specify may lead to the penalties set forth by law. Your digital ticket is equivalent to a physical ticket for all purposes in terms of proof of authorisation to use the parking space.
    • A digital ticket does not exempt you from complying with the timetable restrictions of the parking space you use. Using the parking space after this specified time has ended or going over the time limit allowed may be penalised in the same way as for parking tickets purchased at parking meters.
    • The app provider may decline a parking request on several grounds, which will be shown to you. Examples include account restrictions, parking conditions, payment conditions, temporary unavailability of the service, etc.
    • Acceptance of your parking request requires bank pre-authorisation for an amount equivalent to the maximum stay time for the parking space you are requesting based on its rate and time limit. If your bank does not give this pre-authorisation, you will be told that your parking request has been denied.
    • You are responsible for checking whether your parking request has been accepted or denied. When your request is denied, you will be notified on your terminal. Confirmation of acceptance of your request will be displayed because the app will start counting your parking time.
    • Inability to view information or receive notifications about the digital ticket in progress in the app does not release you from your obligations with respect to the regulated parking space. This includes any technical cause or incident beyond the app provider’s control and attributable to the mobile device (status, setup, battery, incorrect operation of the device, etc.) or telecommunication channels or operators.
    • In start/stop mode, to stop the parking time in progress you have to stand next to the parking space where your vehicle is parked and send a request via the app to end the parking operation in progress.
    • You are entirely responsible for keeping your mobile phone in good condition and with sufficient battery power to ensure that you can end any parking tickets you have begun in start/stop mode. However, if there is a problem with your mobile device, you may use any other compatible mobile device, download the mobile app, log in and then end the parking ticket for the current operation.
    • The app provider accepts no liability for any additional parking time you may have to pay if you are unable to notify the end of a parking ticket open in start/stop mode for reasons beyond the service’s control. These include any reasons related to your device (no battery, breakdown, etc.) or the internet communication channel (no mobile network, no Wi-Fi network, etc.).
    • If you do not notify the end of a parking ticket open in start/stop mode, the ticket will be automatically closed after the time limit has expired and your personal or company account will be charged for the relevant amount.
    • You will receive a ticket on your mobile showing the start time and end time, the rate and the timetable for regulated parking.
    • Any misuse or improper or inappropriate use of the mobile payment app or misrepresentation of data may result in a temporary block on using the app.
    • If the mobile phone is lost or stolen, the account administrator user has to notify the mobile phone operator and can then perform the operation from another terminal.
  • 6. Payment terms and conditions
    • The administrator user has to make app payments using the registered bank card. The administrator user has to pay for all parking periods begun using the start/stop system. Following receipt of a parking request, the app provider will charge the administrator user’s registered bank card.
    • The app only accepts one registered bank card per account (whether personal or corporate), which may be held by a person (individuals or self-employed persons) or a legal entity (businesses, associations, etc.).
    • The payment card associated with the account will be registered during the app registration process in a secure verification procedure to identify it (number, name, expiry date and CSC).
    • The account owner can edit the registered bank card at any time either in the app or in the website user area. The provider will run the verification procedure set out in the previous points each time a change is made.
    • The card associated with the account can only be edited if there are no open or unpaid parking transactions.
    • The account owner has to provide verifiable information and report any change in payment, personal or contact details of their account.
    • The administrator user can view a breakdown of all the parking paid for under their account and also billing for parking and any regulated parking services by choosing from various selection and sorting criteria: periods, vehicles, mobile phones.
    • If the bank card is lost or stolen, its holder must immediately notify their bank to cancel the card, which will stop the app’s payment gateway from making new charges to the lost or stolen card reported to the bank.
  • 7. Suspension
    • Any misuse or improper or inappropriate use of the app or misrepresentation of data may result in a temporary or permanent block on using the app.
  • 8. Location
    • You agree that the app may gather information about your mobile device’s location and that you will need to have your mobile device turned on, activated and within coverage for the app to work.
    • The provider will process location data from the app anonymously for the purpose of enhancing its services or for mobility-related purposes.
    • You may withdraw your consent to activation of the location service at any time using the relevant option on your device.
    • If you withdraw your consent to activate the location service, your use of the app will be restricted as some of its services will not be operational.
  • 9. Intellectual property rights
    • Intellectual property rights remain the property of the app provider.
  • 10. Updating and changing the terms of use
    • The app provider reserves the right to revise and amend these legal terms and conditions at any time. You are bound by the policies and terms and conditions in force at the time you use the service unless otherwise stated by law or decision of the relevant authority.
  • 11. Suggestions, queries and complaints procedure
    • If you have any suggestions, queries or complaints, you can call 930 333 333 or use the technical support form on the mobile app.