Support institutions

Getting involved in the preparation, study and coordination of all the subjects related to economic, social and general planning and development of the metropolis is deemed as a priority by the AMB. To do so, the AMB counts upon two institutional means: the Metropolitan Strategic Plan and the Barcelona Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies (IERMB).

Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan (PEMB)
The Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan (PEMB) is a non-profit institution composed by the AMB, social and economic agents and other metropolitan institutions.

The PEMB boosts and brings attention to the strategic planning of the region of Barcelona.

PEMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan)
IERMB (Barcelona Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies)
IERMB's main tasks are those related to studies, research and prepare surveys in economic, social, land, environment and mobility subjects from a local, metropolitan and regional point of view.

Those activities aim to be useful to the process of making informed decisions on public policies that ought to be implemented in the metropolis region though different plans, projects and actions.

IERMB is formed by administrations, universities and economic agents lead by the AMB and the UAB.

IERMB (Barcelona Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies)