Plan for water supply to towns

The AMB is responsible for the drinking water distribution service to the consumer, and carries it out by means of concessions with nine suppliers. For the correct operation of both the actions carried out in the supply network and the associated investments, it is convenient to define the supply master plans.

Plans must meet the following criteria, in order to ensure that the final users receive water in the required quality and quantity:
  • Global guarantee of supply
  • High quality of water distributed
  • Maximum global flexibility in the supply system
  • Local guarantee of supply
  • Supply to developing areas
  • Maximum efficiency in system operation
In the case of the 23 municipalities managed only by Aigües de Barcelona, there is a Master Plan for water supply in the area of Barcelona for 2015. In order to respond to the general criteria described above, this plan includes 38 actions required in the water supply network of the metropolitan company, Aigües de Barcelona.

Some of these actions require a prior action in the network managed by the ACA (Catalan Water Agency).
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