Biometa Congress 2016

| Subject: International Relations, Waste

The AMB defines the future applications of organic waste

On 11 and 12 May, the Biometa congress was held at the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) headquarters, where the meeting is an international reference on strategies on urban waste treatment in order to use the resulting biogas as a source of energy, among other uses.

At the congress this year, with attendees ranging from metropolitan and municipal experts to companies and the academia, speeches were given that open the road to future alternative uses of organic wastes, including constructing medical prostheses or using them as automobile fuel.
  • Bioplastics: These materials, manufactured from organic matter, have several advantages for the environment (they are not reliant on petroleum for their manufacture) and a great diversity of uses: from environmentally friendly plastic bags to medical prostheses with much more affordable costs than regular ones.
  • Wastes as a renewable energy source: the Methamorphosis project was presented. This pioneering project seeks to introduce changes in waste treatement, both municipal and agro-industrial, so that the production of methane is increased and so that this gas, after being enriched, could be used as a vehicle fuel, thus contributing to the reduction of GHG (greenhouse gases).

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