Water supply

Wet wipes
Do not flush wet wipes and cotton buds down the toilet

  1. Favours sewage system blockages.
  2. Causes damages in drainage equipments.
  1. Toilets are not wastepaper baskets.
  2. Dispose of your wet wipes and cotton buds into the rest-waste container.
We protect the environment together.

Bills postponement
  • Companies with less than 50 workers and an annual business income below EUR 8 million do not have to pay their water bill nor the metropolitan waste treatment tax (TMTR).
  • Those bills will be financed without interest when the crisis is over.
  • If you or your family have difficulties to pay your water bill due to the COVID-19 crisis, you can request the AMB social rate.
  • Contact with your supplier for more information.

Actions supply
  • Separate working teams will operate independently in the different water treatment plants in order to avoid any contagion risk, and in the event that any worker becomes infected a quarantine period for the whole team can be established.
  • A third on-call team will be available to guarantee the usual supply.
  • Any direct or indirect contact is prohibited inside the facilities and in the changing rooms.
  • Personal hygiene measures are intensified and optimised.
  • Working instructions to contractors will be communicated by phone or online.
  • All visits to the facilities have been cancelled, except for indispensable activities like the transport of essential materials to guarantee water healthiness and for the normal operation of the facilities.
  • The plants will be provided with the essential materials to guarantee the continuity of the water supply service over the next months.