Information notice about changes in working procedures in metropolitan waste management and treatment facilities. 

Ordre SND/271/2020 about waste management
Households in quarantine or having a COVID-19 positive case must deposit waste generated by the sick person and by the caregiver (masks, gloves and other health supplies) in a specific bag that must be deposited in the rest-waste container.

Other types of waste in the household must follow the regular separate collection system.

Households not affected by the COVID-19 or the quarantine must correctly separate waste in order to reduce the rest-waste amount.

REMEMBER: gloves and masks must be deposited in the rest-waste container (not in the yellow one / the inorganic-waste one).

Working proceudres
  • For waste collection systems, waste bags must be deposited into the container designated by the city council.
  • It is forbidden to deposit those bags into separate collection containers (organic, plastic, paper, glass or textile), and to leave them outside or anywhere in the thoroughfare.
  • The management of the waste from households outside quarantine or without any COVID-19 positive cases will continue as usual, as established by the separate collection regulation.
  • For the rest-waste management these directions must be followed:
    • Rest-waste bags must not be opened manually inside collection or treatment facilities. They must be transferred to incineration, ideally, or to a dump site.
    • Valorisation of materials must only be done by automatic means; in order to reinforce security measures, public authorities can set up a 72 hours period (minimum) to store those materials.
    • Waste collection systems and facilities receiving those bags must draft specific protocols to protect their employees and disinfect equipments and vehicles. In case of already having a protocol, it must be reviewed thoroughly with the same goal. Employees must be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE).
Most of the recycling centers are clodsed. Some of them only for private users and some others are still open: 

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Remember: visits to metropolitan amenities hav been suspended.
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