• A moratorium has been established for rent payment of apartments and commercial premises during April and May.
  • If the special situation (activities halted due to COVID-19) lengthens, an extension of the moratorium would be considered.
  • When this situation has been overcome, vulnerable families will be attended in order to guaranteeing housing in case they can't pay the rent (totally or partially).
A letter has been sent to all tenants of apartments or commercial premises owned by the IMPSOL to explain this decision.

[Guide for help with rent payments only in Catalan and Spanish]

Public works
Implementation of housing development works in public space and social housing promoted by the IMPSOL have temporarily ceased due to the current situation. Even so, the procedures for getting back to activities have been initiated.

The AMB has requested to the managers of the construction contracts (for AMB and IMPSOL works), together with expert directors and coordinators in health and safety, and with contractors, to resume activities, provided that health, safety and security measures can be guaranteed.

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