Els nostres compromisos

  • Offering useful public services to citizens in an efficient, responsible and economically and environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Providing high-quality public services, managed in accordance with the AMB's integrated quality and environmental management system (SIGQMA) and other quality-certification tools.
  • Working internally in a continuously improving quality-management process which results in optimal services.
  • Publishing high-quality information on the Catalogue's services, updated and accessible through different media channels.
  • Providing permanent communication channels to citizens through which they can contact AMB to make queries, provide suggestions or make complaints about the services.
  • Adequately answering messages sent by citizens and users regarding the services, answering them within a reasonable time frame and, where applicable, adopting new measures to amend complaints and improve the quality of the services.
  • Asking citizens about their perception, as users, of the quality of the services received.
Further information on Quality management
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