ValEUr Gabès: recovery of urban waters through innovative actions and tools

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MedCités / Municipality of Gabès

Action area:
Mediterrània-Mashriq . Tunisia
Water cycle, Climate change
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In a country like Tunisia, characterised by episodes of water scarcity and flooding, which will become increasingly frequent with climate change, using non-conventional water resources as an alternative freshwater source facilitates management that will lead directly to improving the quality of aquifers and indirectly to maintaining natural ecosystems.

The ValEUr project, implemented in the Tunisian city of Gabès, promotes innovative strategies to strengthen the municipality’s capacity to address climate change impacts through effective and efficient water management:

  • Planning and institutional reinforcement, through the Integrated Urban Rainwater Management Plan, with mechanisms and instruments that strengthen the use of urban rainwater in the public space and private buildings.
  • Implementation of urban transformation projects to collect unpolluted water from rooftops for domestic and municipal uses and to recover rainwater for groundwater recharge and reuse for municipal uses.