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UP-lifting Communities: Structuring collective Action for Sustainable local Transition and Identifying Regulatory Solutions for adopting frontier technologies and disruptive business models


The UP-STAIRS project of the Horizon 2020 European programme, aims to promote the growth of sustainable energy communities in order to make progress towards the energy efficiency targets set by the EU.

Sustainable energy communities are those in which community members participate in the production, distribution, sale and investment in renewable energies, generating numerous co-benefits at a local level, such as job opportunities, greener and affordable energies, energetic self-sufficiency and community cohesion. Given the impact of the residential sector in the final energy consumption, the need to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy sources, and the tendency towards this type of decentralized communities and their benefits, UP-STAIRS seeks to provide a common framework to promote the design, establishment and follow-up of 5 pilot communities of approximately 2,000 consumers each. The project's main objective is to strengthen consumers' confidence towards these energetic models and addressing the legal, administrative and financial barriers that hinder their diffusion.

The AMB plays a cross-cutting role, especially in the development of the scalable economic models needed to sustain these measures and in the implementation and coordination of one pilot community. It will also participate in the digitalization of the UP-STAIRS energetic service, in the identification of regulatory barriers and in the dissemination of results. The total budget managed by the AMB during this project will be €182,750.

Timeline of the project

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