Solar lighting to make Qamishli (northern Syria) safe and inclusive

Technical details

Mezzaluna Rossa Kurdistan (Italy)

Kurdish Red Crescent (Syria)

Action area:
Mediterrània-Mashriq . Syria
Public space, Governance
  • AMB: 103.483,09 €

In progress


In the context of the armed conflict in Syria, the project contributes to the right to the city of Qamishli (NES) by ensuring safer and more inclusive public spaces.

The Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment (DME) of the Jazira region was supported in a project to improve street lighting in the city of Qamishli.

A strategic public lighting plan was developed based on safety and inclusion criteria, which reinforced the technical abilities of the municipality's stakeholders to implement it.

Implementation of the strategic street lighting plan began in a pilot area in the city, where solar lights were installed.

The AMB public space team advised on the preparation of the strategic plan and the design of implementation in the pilot area.

This project aimed to help the 180,000 inhabitants of Qamishli (30 per cent of whom are under 18 years of age, and around 55 per cent of whom are women). The population is Kurdish (50%), Arab (25%) and Syrian or Assyrian (25%). 70% are Muslims, 25% are Christians, and 5% are Yazidis.