Sustainable Mesasures for Achieving Resilient Transportation in Metropolitan Regions.
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The SMART-MR project seeks to promote the transition to a future of low-carbon cities. The aim is to achieve sustainable measures for transport and mobility in cities.

The project focuses on transport and mobility in urban areas, particularly in metropolitan areas, and the challenges presented by congestion and greenhouse gas emissions when it comes to guaranteeing healthy living conditions for citizens and a favourable climate for businesses. The overall objective of SMART-MR is to support local and regional authorities in improving transport and mobility policies, and provide sustainable measures for resilient, low-emission transport and mobility in metropolitan areas.

SMART-MR has a five-year lifespan, across two phases: the first three-year phase, beginning in April 2016, for exchange of information and preparation of action plans, and a second two-year phase to implement it. The members will strengthen cooperation and develop action plans that are to include topics such as participatory planning in transport, the creation of mobility plans, planning low-emission logistics, transport nodes, the collaborative economy and transport management in general.

AMB will participate in workshops to exchange best practices and develop a sustainable urban mobility plan based on its skills and its Metropolitan Plan for Urban Mobility. It will also be responsible for organising the final conference of the project in Barcelona in 2020.
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