RESSOC: eco-management of waste

RESSOC: eco-management of waste
RESSOC: Social Entrepreneurship and eco-management of urban waste
Technical details
Sponsor: Metropolitan Area of Barcelona

Partners: Council of Mayors of the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador; Mayor's Office of Managua; • Municipality of El Callao; Toulouse City Council; Regional Government of Montevideo
Action area:
Central America
Waste cycle
2.972.409 €
  • €2,827,409 Co-funded by the European Commission (€2,261,927.20, 80% of the total budget)

    €2,827,409 Co-funded by the European Commission (€2,261,927.20, 80% of the total budget)


The RESSOC project promotes social and territorial cohesion through entrepreneurship in the field of waste management. The project promotes local development by inserting marginalised sectors of the population into the formal sector of collection, recycling, reuse and sale of materials, with both economic and environmental yields.

Specifically, the project has created 356 jobs, with the creation of 27 small companies for waste management in the three areas of action (nine in San Salvador, six in Managua and 12 in El Callao).

Upon project completion, the participants had dignified their work, which used to be illegal, and increased the quality of life of their families, through training, technical assistance, legal assistance, social capital and individual work equipment.