Refuge on Lesbos (Greece): connecting the past, present and future

Technical details

Lesvos Solidarity

University of the Aegean

Sykaminas municipal council

Action area:
Waste cycle, Refugees
  • AMB: 99.850,00 €

In progress


The project involves two types of actions. First, various awareness-raising and training activities to promote recycling aimed at the local and refugee population are carried out, and productive social recycling workshops (safe routes and Humade bag workshop) aimed at refugees are organised. Second, theoretical and practical education activities for the entire local and refugee population of Lesbos are carried out.

In this activity, Lesvos Solidarity does everything necessary to organise a seminar on good recycling practices. The first step is to raise awareness of the opening of the seminar among the local population and refugees on the island. Social media channels, a newsletter and advertisements in the local media are created to that end. NGO partners such as Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) are also informed so that their beneficiaries can participate in the activity.

Furthermore, knowledge of the refugees’ situation on the island with a critical perspective is fostered by the creation of a museum focusing on historical memory, and the local population’s reception of the refugees is simultaneously acknowledged. The exhibition is a partnership between Lesvos Solidarity, the University of the Aegean and Sykaminas municipal council. It contains items that use multimedia to foster a participatory approach.