Qualitat de l'aire


The NanoSen-AQM project aims to provide companies and administrations in the south of Europe with fast, low cost and electrical consumption technologies, real-time data on air quality. The project encourages research and investment in business, as well as creating links and synergies between companies, R&D centres and the higher education sector.

Each partner will install the Nano sensors, specifically designed for the location, obtaining data regarding atmospheric pollution from different scenarios such as natural spaces, farms to urban areas. These data will be integrated into each partner platform and will be reported to a common cloud managed by the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid.

In this way, a transnational platform will be developed to improve the capacity and knowledge of the public administrations employees (managers, planners and designers) regarding the quality of the air. Also, the transnational platform mentioned will be implemented and verified at the regional, subregional and local level within the project area, thus contributing to the development of joint action plans, political commitments, financing strategies and the creation of networks between public and private stakeholders. Finally, the experience will be capitalized, transferring the knowledge among all the pilot regional public administrations with different levels of expertise, the development of strategies, tools and regulatory measures, extended throughout the Mediterranean area.

The role of AMB in this project would be to obtain data from the Nano sensors related to atmospheric pollutants such as (CO, NOx, NO2, O3, PM10 and PM2.5), which will be integrated into a newly created platform that will be owned by AMB, installed on the bicycles used as a means of transport for messenger companies in their regular itineraries among different AMB municipalities.


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