Metro Resilience Guadalajara

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Metro Resilience
Technical details

Leader:  Guadalajara Metropolitan Area

Partners: Barcelona Metropolitan Area

Action area:
North America
Waste cycle
Total Project Budget: 2.326.400,00 € (AMB budget: 308.087,72 € - 73% cofinanced)
  • EuropeAid

In progress


The project aims to strengthen metropolitan governance in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (AMG) on issues of urban resilience and waste management. The work will be led by the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area Development Planning and Management Institute (IMEPLAN), hand in hand with the Government of the State of Jalisco and also through the General Strategic Coordination of Territory Management, the nine municipalities of the Area Metropolitana de Guadalajara and other metropolitan instances, such as the Metropolitan Citizen Council (CCM).

The main mission of the project will be to initiate participatory processes so that the metropolis of Guadalajara improves its ability to adapt and recover in order to combat the various climatic impacts that it may suffer. This will be achieved through the implementation of the pilot project of Community Withdrawal Centers that contribute to the management of urban solid waste in the nine municipalities of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, under the technical support of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area.

Another specific objective of the program will be to capitalize on the knowledge acquired during the preparation of the resilience strategy in the AMG and the exchange of experiences with the AMB and other international networks. The outcome of this will be a guide that will allow learning to be shared in Latin America and Europe on how to build a resilience strategy at the metropolitan level, taking as a reference the good practices and governance models of both metropolises.