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Safeguarding Biodiversity and Critical Ecosystem Services Across Sectors and Scales


The GUARDEN project is a project financed through the HORIZON EUROPE - RIA programme. The consortium that will manage the project consists of 17 entities from 6 EU member states. Specifically, the states that make up the consortium are: France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Cyprus, with the participation of entities from the United Kingdom, Colombia and Madagascar.

The main mission of the project is to safeguard biodiversity and its contribution to the well-being of people, putting them at the forefront of policies and decision-making, through the development of user-oriented decision support applications, taking advantage of multiple-stakeholder associations. They will consider management goals and priorities, build consensus to address biodiversity data gaps, analytical uncertainties or conflicting goals, and assess options for implementing adaptive transformational change.

In the metropolitan area, the objective is to evaluate the impact of current and future coastal management actions and strategies on biodiversity and ecosystems. The dune areas of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona are more extensive after the restoration and protection process carried out by the AMB and one of the major challenges to be addressed in the monitoring of urban beaches is that they require flows of environmental information and of biodiversity very difficult and expensive to obtain. This knowledge is proposed to be obtained in the project through citizen participation. With this information, management decisions can be modulated, which require information on biodiversity, and on the state of the coastal ecosystem (dunes, beaches, coastline and shallow waters), in order to assess the impact of the actions and strategies underway, and plan future ones.